Spotted! Asda nail polishes and nail art pens

My local Asda has been done up, particularity in the pharmacy and beauty areas.  I spotted these few things that were new Spots for me, but I am aware that lots of you have probably seen these already.

First up, Gemstone shades.


The price label says nail topper, I didn’t open them to see, but £3 isn’t bad.IMG_6957.JPG

Next to them I saw these nail art pens, or stripers I’m guessing.  £2 each.  And yes, they were placed at the end of a row of sanitary items – nice product placement Asda (not)IMG_6958.JPG

Then in the stand I saw these Polka top coats.  Showing as limited edition, so if you like them grab them!

IMG_6959.JPGHave you tried any of these?  Let me know in the comments, I loved to hear your thoughts.

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Sinful Colors – Mystery Moonshine Fall 2014

Earlier this week, I showed you Echo Dark, one of my US purchases.  I also picked up a number of glitter toppers, including this Sinful Colors.  This is part of the Fall/Halloween 2014 releases and I nearly died when I saw them as I had seen them on a number of US blogs and REALLY wanted it.

Anyway, here is Mystery Moonshine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a shard topper, so its pieces of glitter material but its not glitter.  Hope that makes sense!  Its made up of orange, blue and green pieces, the blue does have purple tendencies.  Its not the same as the toppers from the Revlon Moon Dust polishes, where there are iridescent shards in the translucent base.

It was surprisingly easy to use, what you see about it two thin coats over Echo Dark an then sealed in with one of the Essence Better than Gel Nails top coat (I’m using up half bottles of top coats now…. trying to clear some space!)  What was great, was that none of the shard bits stuck up annoyingly or folded over to create lumps on the nail.

Wish I had seen more shard toppers, there are super unusual and I don’t have any others in my stash.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Wet N Wild Megalast – Echo Dark

So the hubby and I were fortunate enough to go to the States a couple of weeks back for our wedding anniversary. We had an amazing time and its hard to believe we’ve been back two weeks now. I was lucky enough to get into CVS and Walgreens (in more than one occasion I might add) to pick through the polish collections. Sadly, I didn’t see many that caught my eye, however, my love for Megalasts is well known and I came across the single solitary polish in a stand – this is from the Fall 2014 limited edition matte shades which came with matte lip shades too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Super easy formula to work with, this is two easy coats over a base of Nailtiques 2.  Drying time was fast. Not super fast, but fast enough and it does dry to a rubberised finish.  Not quite a matte but then not like the Maybelline Color Show Vinyls either.  The Megalast brush is tapered so you can get close to cuticles and have a neat edge – but if you are picking these up yourself, do check the brush before hand.  This one was OK and I was worried as it was the last one, the brush would have been wonky, or even absent.  No worries on that front – PHEW!

Anyway, its a super dark navy and unlike any shade I have in the stash.  i seriously thought there would be a dupe in there, but nope.  That makes me a little bit happy.  Plus, the cap is rubberised so it has a squishy feel to it.  Its a great little touch.

As I say, I only have this one, but you can check out the rest on the fab Nouveau Cheap right here. You may be able to picked these up on eBay if you move quickly as Wet N Wild do not stock the UK or any part of Europe.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Spotted! Seventeen, No7 & Chanel Cult Reds & Christmas 2014

Man there is a LOT of new stuff out there….. warning, this is picture heavy!  First up, Seventeen have new Gel Colours, in a navy and a burgundy shade.IMG_6818.JPG
If you look at the promo image in the stand, there are silver sparkly tips. Didn’t see anything like that in my local Boots.

There are a number if new No7 nail polishes out on Boots at the moment, its a good time to buy with a 3 for 2 on.

IMG_6820.JPGAnd to compliment the new polishes, some new Christmas limited edition shades in sparkly boxes.


Finally I have seen both the new Chanel Collections.  First up the Chanel Cult Reds.IMG_6831.JPG

And their Christmas 2014 offering… that pale circular blush/highlighter is STUNNING!  Its all etched with feathers.IMG_6832.JPG

As always, let me know if something catches your eye or if you spot anything new!

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Spotted! More Christmas!

Good news lovely readers, I have a repaired laptop and I can now get my blog back up!  Hurrah!

As promised, more spots in relation to nail polish gifts and nail sets that you can find in Boots.  I won’t do huge posts so I will break them up into sections, just so they are easier to see and navigate.

First up, No7 box sets! Twelve colours of the year set, as you can guess, 12 shades from across the No7 range for all times of year.IMG_6897.JPG Then a smaller set of four shades and the Protect and Perfect hand lotion.  £12 RRP

IMG_6896.JPGNext up, Soap & Glory have released a number of sets, some of which are lovely and chock full of body goodness.  This one is a hand and nail set.  Lovely tin as you can see…..

IMG_6898.JPGAnd on the reverse a list of contents…. two hand products and two polish items.  The polish is a red shade and then a top and base coat.


Paul Frank nail polish set – nothing unusual here.IMG_6900.JPGSeventeen has gotten into the act too, here you can see their ‘make your own’ gift station. You can see the deal, buy two polishes, get one free and grab a box to pop it all in.  Perfect for the polish lover in your life!

IMG_6841.JPGFinally, you can see the new Christmas Lancome range – several polishes in this range. Two reds and two golden shades, one more of a topper and one a regular gold polish.

IMG_6842.JPGThere we go!  A few Christmas releases for your viewing pleasure!  Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments.

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Spotted! Early Christmas Edition

Well hello there. Just about getting online to do small amounts of blogging but the hubby’s ipad just isn’t up to the job I’m afraid! Anyway, excitingly Christmas sets for the nail lover in your life have started popping up in many a drugstore and department store.  

Below is a small selection of what can been picked up right now. I’ll do more posts as I find more items t do remember you can share you own pictures with me, via email or twitter and I’ll share on the blog with full credit.

First up are the Nails Inc sets that are cropping up in your local Boots. Lots of variants here, sets of three through to larger sets and individual polishes with crystal caps.   I tools pictures of what I could but if something catches your eye, best to pop in or check out


You can see these sets all house the new Nails Inc bottles. I’ve not used them myself so I cannot comment on the brush or ease of use.


The packaging is actually quite cute and it feels sturdy in your hands.


In my largest Boots there was a whole display of these. Unfortunately my pictures don’t have the prices on. But I’ll look them up and update the post when I get a chance.


Let me know what you think in the comments! Would you like to find one of these in your Christmas stocking?

Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant – Speedy Swatches!

So you may have noticed in your local Boots or Superdrug, yet another new Maybelline Color Show polish range.

These are being described as Christmas shades in Boots. As I’m having issues accessing my blog, I’ve done some speedy swatches for you, as I’ve done with other Color Show ranges. It will give you an idea what they look like in case you want to snap these up as they are limited edition.

So, first up is Light It Up. A clear bazaar glitter topper. Glitter here is silver, light pink, light blue light green and small silver/holo pieces.


Next we have Spark The Night. Another clear based polish with glitter in darker pink than the previous shade, small gold, green and blue glitters with the worlds smallest pink glitter too. The base seems slightly darker than Light It Up, but that might be my eyes and the fact that the glitter density is greater.


Skyline Blue is a blue tinted polish base with blue, pink, silver and gold glitter in. Again has the worlds smallest pink glitter in it. It also has pale blue glitter to making the blue shades the dominant colour.


Finally, we have Purple Dazzle. As the name implies this is a purple tinted base polish packed with pink, blue, purple, gold and green glitters. This one does have the worlds smallest pink glitter in too.


So there you have some very speedy swatches. Bloggers in Germany seem to get Color Show Shades a week or so before we do in the UK. From what I can tell with very limited web access, the four shades are the same in mainland Europe.

Have you seen these out and about? Which one catches your eye the most? Let me know in the comments!

Spotted! Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant Collection

Meep!!! A whole new Maybelline Color Show range out in time for Christmas.

I’ve just kicked these up so first snaps of stands and bottle below. Speedy swatches to follow on sticks later today!







Seems both Boots and Superdrug have 3 for 2 on at the moment- a good time to pick these up if they catch your eye!

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Free Nails Inc polish with Glamour Magazine (UK edition )

It’s gone a bit quiet as my laptop has decided to stop working. I’m getting it looked at but it’s seriously hampering my blogging!

Anyway I saw this and wanted to share. I know lots of you have already taken advantage of this great offer. But lovely shades of Nails Inc available in this months Glamour Magazine.

There are several Bloggers with swatches so do have a wee Google.

And let me know which one is your fave in the comments!

Catrice – Golden Plum-e

I have another of the handful of polishes I picked up in Vienna to show you today, this one is part of the Catrice Feathered Fall edition for September to November 2014.  It is packed full of sparkle and metallic shades, but this was the only polish shade that spoke to me.  This is Golden Plum-e, a nice little play on words there for you…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What you see above is two average coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 topped with G&G HK Girl.  As you can see, its a plum base colour with a golden shimmer.  It goes on well in two coats, delivery opacity and I have to admit when I started to put it on, I didn’t think it would be!

Anyway, it is cute and super autumn (fall) appropriate and I can see this getting a fair bit of wear from me over the next few weeks.  I also picked up one of the eye shadows but I have yet to try it out (let me know if you want a review of that too)

Catrice isn’t available to us in the UK yet, but if you are in mainland Europe, you can find it by looking at our local retailers on the website.  I think I paid between €2 & €3, but I can’t recall.  Either way, its a good deal!

Let me know what you think in the comments!