P2 Sand Style – Dreamy

Ah, those of you that have been around these parts know that I love I good textured polish.  Even more than that, I adore a P2 Sand style polish!  Completely adore them.  This one is one of the newer ones and its called Dreamy.  Lets look at some pictures!

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This is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer.  Its a lovely sea green, with a duochrome hint.  Formula was good, easy to work with and fast to dry.  Care is needed as you can ding it whilst its drying but once its dry its rock rock hard.

P2 is a German brand, you can visit the collection here. I am not sure if its available anywhere else, but I do love them so very much and I’m fortunate to have to buddy in Germany to keep me furnished with them!  (Thank you Lindz!)

What are your favourite textured polish brand – let me know in the comments!

Spotted! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Seventeen Polka Dots and Speckled Top Coats, WAH Nails, Essence Wave Goddess & Road Trip

More spots for you today.  First up, the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel out now in Boots.  Each one is £9.99IMG_6245.JPG


Then I also Spotted some new Seventeen polishes.  These are all toppers for polish.  First up, Polka Dots.IMG_6248.JPGThen some Seventeen speckled shades…. close ups coming…..

IMG_6247.JPGAnd there more Polka Dots

IMG_6249.JPGAnd now the close ups of the Speckled shades.


Then, I saw some of the new WAH false nails.IMG_6251.JPGAnd finally, some of the new Essence collections out in Essence stands.  First up, Wave Goddess collection.

IMG_6252.JPGAnd then the Road Trip collection

IMG_6253.JPGSo quite a few new things popping up – have you see any of these yet?  Let me know in the comments.

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Sally Hansen Color Foil – Sterling Silver

I thought I’d use the next couple of blog posts to catch up with some US Nail Polishes that I have recently been sent.  Up first, I have one for you that I have worn a lot, particularly on my toes, and I have actually loaned this bottle to several friends as they all went a bit gaga for it.  So I give you Sterling Silver, one of the new Sally Hansen Color Foils, part of a huge range of new shiny goodness!

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We all  know that foil polishes can be a menace. They dry quickly even whilst you are on the first brush stroke meaning that you can often see your brush strokes.  AND top coat makes them shrink onto the nail in a seriously unattractive way.  That said, I love this and I love it hard.  This is some silver polish.

Formula is runny but not unworkable.  It goes onto the nail quite fluidly but it dries fast.  What you see above it two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  I probably should have used more of a ridge filling polish to provide more of a smooth base, but there you go.  No top coat here.  Without top coat, I probably get a day out of it.  I did top up the tips and keep it on an extra day and that worked quite well.

As I mentioned this is a US Edition polish.  I have noticed several Sally Hansen lines, other than Complete Salon Manicure and Insta Dri, popping up in pound stores in the UK.  most recently, the Spring Jelly polishes from the Triple Shine line have been spotted.  You can get the odd one on eBay or perhaps get a US based buddy to send them over.  I can never quite understand why the SH range is so truncated in the UK, we’ve got a few bits and some glitter toppers, but I think they would make a killing if they broadened the range.

Anyway, rant over!  Let me know what you think in the comments!

New Essence products

I just received an email from Essence with some of the new products coming out this autumn and I thought you might want to see some of them.  I’ve picked a few bits from the email, but do go onto the Essence website to look out for new and forthcoming products!  There are some additions to the colour & go line and some new additions for nail art – lots to pick from!

First up, Thermo Nail Polish. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first available in the high street thermo polish! Exciting!!

weather expert! this nail polish reacts to outside temperature changes and changes color accordingly. and the color-change works the other way around, too. cool nail polishes with a guaranteed wow-effect!

electrified effects! exciting and fashionable effects like glitter jewels, sugar in metallic, sparkling or jeans style, a holographic shimmer and polka dots combined with bright colors like rose, turquoise, blue, pink or grey-black conjure-up unique nail styles. the nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch!

colour explosion! the huge colour & go range has the beloved gel-shine finish with a highly intensive shine and an extremely short drying time for perfectly polished nails in a flash! the patented quick & easy brush is particularly flat for an even easier application. the 8ml bottle has a cool essence design – with the usual colour-coded cap in the corresponding nail polish colour.

fabulous foils! these nail foils bring cool graffiti styles straight to your nails. and here’s how it works: apply the transfer solution on your nails and wait for 80-90 seconds. separate a piece of the foil and press it onto your nail with the shiny side up. remove the foil again and seal with a top coat – and you’re done! repeat this step for each nail. totally creative and unique!

shake it! the name of this top coat says it all. simply shake the bottle of shake me! i’m pretty top coat to mix the cool holographic glitter particles with the texture. apply the top coat over any nail polish for an extra portion of bling.

I’m very excited about these hand cremes, but I think they are not going to be available via UK outlets.  perhaps the online essence store might be the best place for these as they sound awesome!

There are also some new mascaras and some additions to the lovely metal glam eye shadows (I have more than one women ever needs!)  And some more trend editions, images below!

All the new products can be found here, what catches your eye?

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Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Teal The Deal

Final polish in the new limited edition Maybelline Color Show Vinyl polishes to share with you today.  Out of the four, this is my least favourite, but its actually quite a good shade for autumn.  Bright and yet not neon.  Lets look at some pics of Teal the Deal!

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As with the other three shdaes, this is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer.  On a side note, I have noticed that my nails are peeling again, so its back out with the Nailtiques 2 and I may even go polish free for a couple of days just to kick start the treatment.

Anyway, formula is OK.  I will be honest, out of all four, this one is the worst.  It does drag and it dries very quick, making it easier to crate drag.  But it does well with two coats and it does cling to your nail bed.  Look at that colour, a tealy blue shade, that is quite lively but not too in your face.  Its a good autumn colour for when you aren’t quite ready to quit the brightness for vampy colours!

Have you seen these out and about in polish land?  They should be on a shelf near you now!

Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Pink Punk

I am really quite into these new Maybelline Color Show Vinyl shades – there is something simple yet stylish about them.  Clearly I am open to influence and I have fallen under their spell!  This is the third shade in the range I have to share with you, this one is called Pink Punk.

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What you see above is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer.  I noticed that this shade did cling to my nails and any imperfections can be seen on close inspection.  However, despite having pink in the name, I do like this shade.  Its just on the right side of raspberry for me.   It is a shade pinker than my pictures show it, so if you are unsure, don’t rely on these as colour accurate but more of a gauge.

Formula was good, again care needed not to create too much dragging as the polish dries, because boy does it dry fast on the nail.  Two coats is super quick, but they time you are on finger ten, its time to repeat.

As before, these are now popping up on shelves everywhere.  They are limited edition so if you fancy them you need to get them sooner rather than later.  There are a number of offers in the high street for cosmetics, notably at Boots and Superdrug, so do shop around for the best one to get bargains.

Have you seen these on your travels?  Are you tempted to pick them up?  Let me know in the comments

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Spotted! Collection, Barry M, Lily Allen and Make Up Revolution

OK, just a few updated images for you to see – some new stands, some repromotes and some new stuff sneaking out right now….

First up, new updated Collection stands.


Next up, a new Collection mini range, called Galactica.  Three polishes, silver, gold and metallic blue, three lip pencils and two eye liners.



Then the new Barry M Gelly Autumn 2014 shades are on the shelves now.  With an offer, so get buying if you fancy these!


And finally, new Lily Allen line of falsies.  I saw these in Superdrug.



Also in Superdrug, Makeup Revolution is now available instore.  So great ranges and some awesome looking eye palettes.  They also have a range of £1 nail polish.


Anything catch your eye?  Let me know what you picked up or have seen instore!

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Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Record Red

This is the second of the Maybelline Color Show Vinyl polishes I picked up earlier this week, this one is Record Red.  A hot tomato red with the vinyl finish similar to Black to the Basics.

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Like the previous polish, this one dries to a matte vinyl style polish.  What you see above its two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split sealer.  Formula is good, its runny without being floody (if that makes sense) and coverage is good.  Two coats does provide more even coverage than just one, hence two coats .  It dries quickly and if you do happen to dink it, you can patch it up quickly.

Wear, as you might expect if a none topped coated polish, isn’t great.  You can get a good day before wear starts to show and if you end up doing lots of jobs and house work, be warned – its going to chip.

That said I do like this, I love the effect it gives.  Even with a matte top coat over a red polish, the effect is not as waxy looking.

These should be out on a shelf near you, if they aren’t already.  G over at Nouveaus Cheap thinks these look similar to the new Wet N Wild Matte shades that are out for fall in the US.  She has a good eye so she is probably right.

Let me know what you think in the comments!  Have you seen these out where you are yet?

Spotted! Asda Tropical Crush & Rimmel Velvet Matte Nail Polish Collections

Here we go!  More Spotted items for you!  First up, new textured polishes at Asda. This is the Tropical Crush Collection.IMG_6133.JPG




Then, Rimmel have started updating all their stands in inserts.  With a new polish line too!  This is Velvet Matte, a collection of four shades.

IMG_6139.JPGNew slots for the Autumn Kate shades that I’ve previously seen here.



IMG_6142.JPGSo there you go, more new stuff on the shelves.  Anything catch your eye?

Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Black to the Basics

As you may have seen, Maybelline have yet another limited edition collection of four out in the UK.  This is the first one to grace my nails and is called Black to the Basics.  Here come the pics!

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What you see above is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!.  Drying time is very quick, as matte-er shades tend to be.  Formula was good and care is needed as the Maybelline brush isn’t tapered.  It dries quite matte and is between a proper matte shade and a leather effect formula from what I can tell.

I think it looks good and you can never have to many black polishes in your stash!

These are readily available in Boots and Superdrug, plus with a number of offers on buying multiples products, so if you fancy them now is the time!

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