Spotted! Models Own now in Superdrug and Chanel A/W 2014 in stores now

Two quick spots for you today – first up, Models Own are now in Superdrug with larger stands than they had in Boots.




sIMG_6035.JPGSecondly, Chanel Fall 2014 is now out in most stores that stock Chanel.  This is the Etats Poetique collection…. lovely….

IMG_6037.JPGThat’s all this time, as I say, a quick spot before the world goes Autumn/Winter crazy!

Essence Nail Candies – Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

Another Essence Nail Candies for you to see today.  This one is Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch*

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Very similar to the last one, Marshfellows, this one is a tinted nail polish that gives 6 benefits to the nail.  I put two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer (bought by myself) and didn’t use a top coat.  As you can see above, the nail has a very very sheer tint over, it does even up nail tone and dries rock hard very quickly.  In fact, the formula on this one is lovely, its a shame (to me anyway) that is isn’t more opaque.

This is a great way to provide your nails with polish coverage without being too intense.  The shimmer is very sweet as is the scent but its not overpowering like some of the cheaper scented polishes on the market.  In fact, its quite addictive.

Anyway, you get get Essence from your local Wilkinsons store or online through the Wilkos website.  Would you purchase a nail tint?  Let me know in the comments!

*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review but this does not influence the opinions expressed in this blog which are entirely my own.

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Essence – products soon to be discontinued….

As we’ve only just got Essence here in the UK, some of my lovely readers might not be aware that they refresh the range every spring and autumn.  A number of products get retired and waved away into the big beauty cloud in the sky.

I just checked the website and noticed that the leaving soon page had been updated so here are the nail polishes that are being retired.

Nail Polish Effects
04 Skyfall (my swatches here)
08 Heart Explosion (my swatches here)
09 Hey Mister Sandman

Colour & Go Shades
107 Naughty & Pink
115 Redvolution
137 I Wanna Be Your Sunshine
145 Flashy Pumpkin (my swatches here)
147 Miss Universe
148 Prom-berry
149 Hello Marshmallow!
157 My Fortune Cookie
158 If I Were A Boy
168 Love Me, Cupcake
171 Galactic Glam
178 Hello Spring!
181 Once Upon A Time

Check out the full list of leaving products on this page of the Essence Website.

Essence Nail Candies – Marshfellows

I’ve got a few posts this week to share with you from the same range.  The next few posts are all from the Essence Nail Candies range – a range of 7 polishes that provide sheer coverage and a hint of colour to nails.  This one is Marshfellow*

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The Nail Candies are supposed to provide six benefits in one polish – hardening of the nail, nail protection, evening out of the nail, a slight fruity scent, dry fast and provision of a high shine.

I test this one over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer (bought by me) and then did two coats of Marshfellow.  Its just a *hint* of colour, you can tell its white.  It really does even out the nail tone and colour.  I didn’t use top coat at all.  It dried fast and the scent was just a hint of fruit.  Nothing too overpowering but you can pick it up when you pass your fingers by your nose.  It has a slight shimmer to it as well, so you can see that you have something on your nails.  Formula is good.

I’m not one for nude or nearly there shades, but there is something quite charming about this one.  If you can’t wear bold shades in the office, this might be a good change from clear coats.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review but this does not influence the opinions expressed in this blog which are entirely my own.

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OPI – Orange You Stylish!

Ahhh, OPI, so many lovely collections coming out recently and very shortly.  Its great for new collections and not great for my wallet….. the image above is from the Coca Cola collection which has been out in the US for a bit longer than its been available in the UK.  This one I am going to show you today is actually a European exclusive called Orange You Stylish! which replaces the glitter edition Fanta polish that came out in the US (which I am also DYING to get my hands on….)

Anyway, pictures!

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Yummy yummy!  This one is right up my street – a fabulous orange creme which is just divine.  I love shades like this as regular readers will well know.  This is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer and topped with G&G HK Girl to bring on the orange loveliness.

Formula is good, it flows onto the nail and dries evenly.  Levelling is also good.  Its a proper Fanta orange isn’t it?  There are quite a lot of OPI retailers now available in the UK so getting your hands on these shouldn’t be too hard!

Did you pick up anything from the Coca Cola collection?  Or do you have your eye on one of them?  Let me know in the comments!

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Lancôme – Nuit D’Azur

Wow, I am a sucker for bright blue cremes at the moment – there is something about them that makes my heart sing.  I picked this up, sneakily when the hubster was about and he didn’t notice!  But as soon I as saw this, I just had to have it.  Its part of the French Riviera collections recently released by Lancome for Summer 2014. Lets check out some pictures!

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Check out that beauty!  How nice is this??  Its is the perfect blue.  Two coats of blue perfection – and no staining on the nails either!  This is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer topped with a coat of G&G HK Girl to bring that glossy top to the colour pop.  And POP it does.

Lancome is readily available in large department stores and other large chemists.  RRP for the Vernis in Love shades is about the £13 mark.  So cheaper than Chanel but remember the bottles are smaller.  I don’t that matters excessively, but if you have a thing about smaller bottles (in a good or bad way) its worth knowing up front.

I’m so glad I picked this up – what other blues are in your ‘love pile’ let me know in the comments!

Spotted! KIKO Daring Game Collection

HOW EXCITING!! Not only does KIKO have another lovely limited edition range out, called Daring Game, but they have opened a store in Leeds!  How did I not know this! I was able to grab a few pictures, but the store was quite busy and I was trying to be discrete!IMG_5949.JPG


Not much to go on, but as you can see the collection in the promo pic at the front, I can also say that it feels great in your hand and the packaging is just really cute.  Love the dice dots on the tops of the polishes.

There is a deal on online shipping until August 14 so if you don’t live in London or Leeds, you can still get your hands on the collection.

Let me know what catches your eye!

Sinful Colors – Rise And Shine STAMPED!

So, the word is on the bloggers grapevine is that Boots are no longer stocking Sinful Colors.  I’ve looked in a couple of stores and they are definitely clearing out.  Its a bit like when Boots ran down the Models Own stands, only for them to reappear in Superdrug.  Crazy.  Anyway, for those in the know, pound stores are now the place to find your Sinful Colors.  This is one I picked up the other day and thought how was a good a time as any to share…..

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Formula is good – this is almost a one coat wonder.  What you see above it two coats.  There is a faint shimmer of blue/green in the polish, but on the whole it looks like a solid sea-green.  Love it.  Base is G&G Stuck on Blu! topped with a coat of G&G HK Girl.  I have a fair few SC bottles and it is something I look for when I pop to the US.

I also stamped over this one with my A England Dragon, you can’t really see it, but it there I promise!!  This is a stamp from the Sailor plate – quickly becoming one of my faves.

What shades are in your ‘go to’ pile?  Let me know in the comments.

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Spotted! Revlon A/W 2014, Revlon Gel Envy & Revlon Haute Rocks collections


Bumper edition of Revlon goodies for you today.  I was casually walking through my local Boots and I thought that the stand looked different.  And I was right, it did!

First up, A/W 2014 Boho Chic Collection – two new polish shades and some new make up items.IMG_5907.JPGTwo polishes are Bohemian and Confident.  Both RRP £6.49

IMG_5908.JPGConfident is packed with red glitter the same shade as the base colour and some smaller silver bits.  I think.  Could be just my eyes, but I think its there.


THEN the newest kid to the gel nails effect family – Revlon Gel Envy polish.  Two Steps to Gel Envy – apparently.  So you have a base colour and a Diamond Top Coat.  All the shades seem to have a Vegas/gambling theme, of which I am a FAN!


With the buy on get one half price offer, even I was tempted to pick them up for long weekends away when I know I will not be able to change my polish.IMG_5911.JPGAlso new in the Revlon stand was the Haute Rocks collection, which you may have seen on Nouveau Cheap (link here).  US edition had eight shades, we have six and its Revlon’s take on the textured trend.

IMG_5912.JPGShades are Seychelles Sand, Tahitian Coast, Moroccan Oasis, Lana’i Lagoon, Mayan Riviera and Caribbean Cove. Same shades names too as the US release.  We don’t have the orangey one (Brazilian Beach) or the purple one (Balinese Bay).





IMG_5917.JPGNot sure if I am ready to put that level of glitter on my nails….. but hey, I do still have my Sally Hansen Gem Crushes which get outings occasionally.  And I can’t see these being any harder than those babies to get off!

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments?  If you have tried out any of these, do let me know!

KIKO Sun Show Nail Lacquer – Shade 473

Whoops, more found images on the camera…. I knew I was missing some.  Anyway, I have a shade form the Sun Shade Nail Lacquer collection from KIKO which I bought at Easter.  This is a stunning purple snappily named 473.

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This is lovely, a lightly duochromed purple, ripples and blue moving to purple.  What you see above is three thin coats.  Base is G&G Stuck on Blu! and topped with a good coat of G&G HK Girl.  Formula was average, nothing special to note, but yummy yummy yummy on the nail.

Gosh I had really forgotten how pretty duochromes can be, this one is right up the KEEPER street.

I can no longer see these on the KIKO website so I am guessing they are more than likely sold out.  There were ten in the collection and you can see images of the collection on a previous spotted post here.

What are your favourite duochrome polishes?  Let me know your faves in the comments.