Chanel – Graphite, such a disappointment…..

Now I adore Chanel Nail Polishes, I have more than is probably healthy and I nearly always buy the newest colours out, however… I think I may be falling out of love with Graphite – a new colour from the A/W 2011 collection.

It just chips.  Chips and Chips some more.  Its rather disappointing.  I base coat, paint 2 or 3 three layers, let them try and use a fab top coat that I have never had any problems with before.

And in less than 24 hours…. this is the sight before me…

Chanel Graphite, with chips

I’m that disappointed I’m baking a batch of plum muffins before I go and take it off.


One thought on “Chanel – Graphite, such a disappointment…..

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