New recipes and New Nail Trends

I’ve been bitten by the new nail trend – magnetic nail polish.  I’m completely suckered in by the fact it moves to make these lovely swirls and lines, if you are very lucky you can actually watch it move!

I have bought the four available from 17, from my nearest humungous Boots, but there are various makes and multiple reviews out there, such as Nails Inc, LCN who seem to be US based and the lovely looking Layla Magnetic, here reviewed by Michelle at All Lacquered Up. On having had a look about what is available to us girls in the UK, I have noted (and I’m sure I am not alone, at the similarity between the Nails Inc bottles and those from 17.  Considering the former retails at £13 and the latter at £5.99, I’ll leave it to you to make your mind up!

Plus, a quick google and a look on Pampered & Polished reveals that Superdrug are off into the Magnetic Polish line too…. great colours!

I do find it quite tricky to get the polish on and then hold the magnet over it.  I have noticed that if you put the coats on too thick, the polish is actually pulled towards the magnet and can leave a rather noticeable bump.  Having done this twice now, I think its best to do one coat on all the nails and then do a second followed by the magnet almost instantly.  Patience and practice ladies will be needed!

Magnetic Nails Try 1 - This is 17 Magnetic Nails in Silver

On the baking front I have also been rather busy.  After last weekend Coca Cola Cupcakes, I made a Chocolate and Banana bread, which was divine.  I am now, however, hooked on the beautiful baking goddess that is Lorraine Pascal and I am just about to start on her marshmallow fudge recipe. Plus her new Home Cooking Made Easy Book looks to DIE FOR!  I’ll post pics and a receipe overview in my next post.


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