Butter London – The Black Knight

The first of many NYC related nail polish encounters.

Butter LondonThe Black Knight (link here to Harvey Nichols for UK girls)
Formula was very gloopy on this on, that said it applied well.  Very watery on the first coat, much better on the second.  I applied three just to ensure I had no bald spots and it dried well between coats. Dried a bit bumpy but nothing that cannot be overcome with a good top coat (Sally Hansen Mega Shine once again) Plus, its been on 24hrs and no noticeable tip wear.  This pleases me no end.

Looks just like it does in the bottle, although the promo image has a whole load o’glitter right in the middle.  Odd.  Anyway, I bought this in Ricky’s in NYC, a fab FAB shop full of hair and beauty related items.  I paid $15, in the UK we are charged £12-15, so make up your own mind on that front.

I have nothing else like it in my stash, so I’m delighted with it.  It’s sister polish is called Tart with a Heart.


3 thoughts on “Butter London – The Black Knight

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