L’Oreal – Owl’s Night

Now here is a little beauty I picked up in NYC on my recent break.  We don’t seem to get a great range of L’Oreal nail polishes in the UK so I was super curious to try this one out, plus its a DIVINE shade of brown, black and gold with shimmer.  Whats not to like??

Formula was lovely, smooth creamy, just enough to coat the nail perfectly in one coat.  In fact for this I used three coats, only because painting in artificial light is not ideal and I didn’t want any patches of show through where I had missed a bit.  Drying time was good.  It dried a little bit matt for my liking so out came the Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat again.

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Anyway, what I didn’t realise is that this polish is part of a Limited Edition Project Runway release.  There were several in the collection, pinks, golds and the like.  This was the only one that caught my eye.  I did think at the time it was quite similar to Diors Or Czarina Gold (see here on Polish or Peril) so I will have to pull it out of the box (typically at the back of my storage unit) when I get a bit more time.  Finally I found this nice little CVS microsite with the whole collection on, eight nail polishes, eight.

Does anyone have any of the other shades?


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