FashionistA – Magnetic Red Nail Polish

I know magnetic nail polishes seem to have died a bit of a death, but this polish and this colour, reminded me of how impactful they can still be.  This is one of the new range from SuperDrug, plugged by girl band The Saturdays.  They retail at £6 WITHOUT a magnetic lid.  You want a magnet, that’s another £3 to you and me.  Now to my eye, these bottles, colour and formula look exceptionally similar to the ones from 17 in Boots.  However, those in Boots come with a magnetic cap and are £5.99.  If you remember, you can also get them from Nails Inc, and they seem to be the only one doing Gold***.  Anyway, I digress…

This was a Christmas present from my mum, who knows I adore anything red and was quite taken with the magnetic polishes.  As before, my biggest challenge was getting the magnet over the nail quickly and then not getting distracted in the 60 seconds it takes for the pattern to hold.  If I got distracted then the magnet came into contact with the nail and I had to do that nail over again.

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I got tonnes of comments on how nice my nails looked, tonnes.  I counted at least 6 before I removed it.  People loved the colour, and to be honest, the effect looks AMAZING on the red.  As with all magnetic polishes it dries very quickly.  I applied one thick coat, went over it twice and then applied the magnet.  It also helps if you centre the magnet well so you don’t get stripes only on one side of the nail.  Oh no, that won’t do at all.  But once you get the hang of it, its great, quick and easy if you do one nail at a time.  Once again I put on a thick layer of top coat for a bit more durability and a little bit more shine!

***So, before posting this post, I went onto the Nails Inc website and looked at their magnetic polishes, there is no longer a gold.  There is a silver, purple and a NEW! Teal one.  Then I googled them and found a RASPBERRY PINK one from Very! And all I was looking for was a new magnet that provided something other than a wave pattern!


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