Apple Sponge Pie

Recently shopping in the supermarket, my 5yr old asked me if we could make ‘apple sponge pie’, so I asked him what was in it.  He replied – eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla and apples, about 5 apples.  So I bought some apples as I usually have all the rest in and came home and Google’d it.  He was quite particular about how it should look and eventually we found one he was happy with.  We made something akin to it, your basic sponge mix with chopped apples and a sprinkle of sugar, and voila!

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2 thoughts on “Apple Sponge Pie

  1. I made an apple cake the other day. Same as you basic sponge mix. But I sliced the apples, covered them in cinnamon and sugar. Put the cake mixture in a ring form and pushed the slices into it… Then sprinkled what was left of the sugar and cinnamon mix on top.

    The kids loved it 🙂

    I’ll try your way too next time!



    • I must admit as I was shoving apples into the top of the cake I wondered if it would ever bake, had to cover with foil half way through, but worth every minute. Plus it was lovely warm…. yum yum!


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