Nicole by OPI – Prized Possession Purple

Goodness me, it is really hard trying to get a great image of a purple polish.  Never mind one that looks like it should be on a low rider car!!

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Anyway, this is Prized Possession Purple, in the Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber collection. I was very fortunate to be able to get this polish, and 2 others, at the knock down price of £3 in a clearout sale last weekend.  Even though I am no Bieber fan, some of the polishes have the most amazing colours and finishes.

As with most Nicole by OPI bottles, this one had the new brush.  It took me a little bit of time to get to grips with it, but its great if you don’t want to paint right up to your cuticle edge.  The brush gives you enough stability to be able to leave a clear and consistent line between polish and cuticle.

Its quite a sheer polish as it goes on, I had to use four coats to ensure even coating.  It also has a horrific tendency to drag if you go over it again too soon.  Four thin coats provided on the whole, a good even coverage.  I did have to cross paint a couple of nails where I could still see the drag.

In terms of colour, well POP!  Its a fantastically vibrant ‘grape’ (as per the website) and I cannot argue.  Its so vibrant that even typing this I am distracted and its got a couple of work comments.  I’ve also had it on for two proper full on work days and no chips.  I have top coated with Sally Hansen Mega Shine and used Formula 2 as a base coat (still trying to pre-empt peeling nails).

As for price, in the UK these retail for £8.50, or $7 in the US, I wouldn’t have bought them if they were not reduced.  The same is true for the Kardashian Kolor Collection, although my will there is weakening as the colours are aMAZing and I saw some on eBay cheaper to buy and ship from the US.  I guess the UK US divide on price makes my blood boil…


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