Wet N Wild – Eggplant Frost

I’ve been lusting over some US Drug Store brands for a long time.  Since our trip to NYC last November, I’d had my eye on Wet N Wild.  This is an amazing brand and is just undertaking what appears to be a bottle and style overhaul.  I must admit I was surprised not to see any in NYC.

Eggplant Frost is from the Wild Shine product range, as the name suggests, a super shiny saturated colour.  This one is a wonderful deep purple colour.  As an aside I now have several of the Mega Last polishes, amazing colours in a super cute bottle.

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Formula was a dream, three super thin coats.  I probably could have done two thicker coats for the same effect.  Drying time was a bit longer than I expected but I wasn’t doing anything or using my nails as tools, so it worked out fine.  Smell was very slight and was gone as soon as I shut the bottle.  The colour is AMAZING, not as crazy low rider as the Justin Bieber Nicole by OPI shade, but just as vivid.  I used my regular Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat to hold it all together.

Now, just wait until you see the WNW Fast Dry Colours I have….. *evil laugh*




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