ICING Magnetix Pink

More goodies from my Polish Picking Princess.  The pink ICING magnetix nail polish, I talked about the blue one here.  There are no words, this is divine.

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In the bottle, this is a shimmery dusky pink.  Its a good formula with just the right amount of thickness. On the nail its very similar, then you use a magnet to give the pattern.  And BOOM!  Glittery goodness!  I bought a little magnet device of eBay for 99p, it has three designs, lines of two varieties and a star (which is what I was lemming for).  It took an age to get here from Hong Kong, but the magnet was good and strong.  I placed my finger in the holder on the second coat, then quickly placed the magnet over the top.  If you adjust it right you don’t get the magnet into contact with the nails.  This is much better and faster than using the lid of the polishes.  And I love the star pattern.

ICING is a North American brand that you can get in the US and Canada.  If you have a Polish Picking Princess, she might be nice and send you some.


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