Catherine Arley – 500 Black Holographic

Like all good nail polish fanatics, I have a favourite colour.  A colour I have time and time again is black.  Black matte, black with glitter, black with sparkles, black with shimmer.  But the one thing I have been missing is a true black holographic nail polish.

Now I have one from the Eastern European range called Catherine Arley.  You can see more from the range on Fashion Polish. I bought this one on a Buy It Now from eBay, which as an investment to test the polish was actually rather reasonable.  It took about 5 weeks to get here.

Onto the polish itself, it comes in a classic bottle with white labelling and a sticker on the polish handle.  It glistens in the bottle.  I was so excited to try this one on that I ignored all my Vacation Purchases and reached for this one.

I could have gotten away with one coat, seriously, one coat.  It was glossy, formula wasn’t thick but really workable and useable.  Smell was a bit of an issue, this one is a bit of a stinker.  Lingers a bit too and for a couple of hours post painting, I could smell it from underneath my top coat.  That said, the colour is a STUNNER!  Shiny with holographic goodness.  Drying time was a bit longer than average, but with a good top coat you can bypass some of that.

I think I may have to investigate some more, what other brands to you suggest?

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2 thoughts on “Catherine Arley – 500 Black Holographic

  1. Maybe try Glitter Gal? I don’t have their black holo, but the ones I do have are super strong linear holos. And I just tried Nfu Oh GS 11, which is black with chunkier holo glitter. It looks like a constellation!

    I am excited to wear my Catherine Arley – thanks to my polish buddy 😉


  2. Can’t wait to hear to hear what you think of the CA. The smell is the worse, but they are nice and shiny. I will check out your suggestion and see what is out there.


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