China Glaze – In the Limelight

I don’t have a lot of China Glaze polishes, mainly because there are not that easy to come by the UK, unless you happen to be near a Sally Beauty Supply that stocks them. There are generally about £7 but there are places on the internet where you can get them for less.

I bought In the Limelight as part of a 3 for 2 Sally Promotion when I had ordered the Ghoulish Glow top coat (which they sold me and then couldn’t get it in stock, but that’s by the by). I had planned to use this under black crackle as part of a Halloween manicure. It was part of the Ink Collection from 2008.

So, it was St Patrick’s Day, a day for all things Irish. I decided that I would pull it out and give it a go. In the Limelight is a neon polish, very thin in formula and takes about 3 to 5 coats to get some sort of even colour. You can see a bit of drag on the base of my nails, not the most easiest polish to work with. Its a bit of a pain but it dries super quickly. It feels very silky to the touch on the nail. Its a very vibrant green, super saturated and almost glows. A good glossy top coat does bring the colour out much better. All in all, not the best China Glaze polish I’ve ever come across, but good to use in layering, which I did with Nail Junkie and Kissy Sinful Colors.

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2 thoughts on “China Glaze – In the Limelight

  1. WOW it’s crazy how much China Glaze is over there I get it for $3 that like 1.89 pounds… but that is one crazy pretty green


  2. I know, lots of US brands are very pricey here. Essie is also about £8, Revlon is £6.50 a bottle, and so on. I have got a couple of the internet a bit cheaper, but it only works out if you buy 3 or 4. Plus there is something about seeing them in person next to your skin tone.

    I’ve got some more CG’s coming up and let me tell you, its a beauty!


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