Essence – The Dawn is Broken

One of my holiday purchases was one of the Vampire’s Love polishes from Essence. I did a little squeal when I saw them in the sale basket, 2€ instead of 3€.  There are five polishes in the range and I have four of them (I did have five, but decided to part with one in a Random Act of Kindness).  It is gutting that we cannot get these polishes, or their sister brand, Catrice in the UK.  Ireland, France, Spain, Germany etc etc yes you can, just not the UK nor can you buy them online.

This is a grey polish with a dark grey sparkle.  On the nail the sparkle is not a apparent as in the bottle, but its there.  In terms of formula, it was quite thick, and I had to watch dragging either because of the brush or the small glitter particles.  I did three coats, as thin as I could make them, for these pictures.  A good shiny top coat makes all the difference.

I don’t have a colour quite like it in my stash, in the sun you can see small glints of gold as well, definitely a keeper.

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2 thoughts on “Essence – The Dawn is Broken

  1. This colour is a bit of an odd duck, isn’t it? I think it’s the grey sparkle bits that make it rather unique. You wear it beautifully, as always!


  2. Why thank you, I do like it but an odd duck is an excellent description!


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