Wet N Wild Megalast – I need a refresh-mint

OK, OK, I get it.  Stop going on about the Megalast nail polishes.  I know a lot of you cannot get these in the UK, but get yourself on Make Up Alley, or a swap group STAT and get some.

I need a refresh-mint is a lovely spring shade of minty green.  Its very perky and suited my mood right to a T.  Like the other megalasts I’ve been drooling over, this one is no exception.  I’ve come to love the new brush, very similar to Dior’s wide flat brush and that on the new Nicole by OPI, meaning you can get great coverage in one good sweep of the brush.  Do try not to go over it more than twice or the colour pulls and you get bare patches.  Formula was good, not a good as Haze of Love, but pretty damn close.  Drying time seemed to be a bit longer than usual but I’m not sure if that is because its been super hot here in the UK.

I don’t think the wear is as good with this colour as with the others I have tried, so after a couple of days I added a glitter tip.  Very nice, I’m quite into these two tone manis!

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2 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Megalast – I need a refresh-mint

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