Barielle – Jess’ Champagne Toast

I received this Barielle, Jess’ Champagne Toast, in a recent blog swap from The Nail Polish Guru.  Its not a brand I have access to the in the UK, I’ve never seen it on a UK E-retailer or in a UK shop.  The brand has some amazing colours and I was fortunate enough to get some others in a second polish swap with the gorgeous Blue Collar Red Lipstick which will be coming along shortly.

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Jess’ Champagne Toast is a shimmery purple with a ripple of rose gold glitter that really catches the sun.  I’ve never seen a champagne drink this colour, but I would be interested in trying it if anyone finds one. The formula on this was a bit thin, but three average thickness coats brought opacity to the nail.  Even with base and top coat, the wear on this was less than 2 days. But its completely worth it, the colour is LOVELY and we have had such sunny days my nails have looked magical.

Do you own any Barielles?






2 thoughts on “Barielle – Jess’ Champagne Toast

  1. Not to spoil a surprise, but you may, ahem, have one or more other Barielle in your future. Not the immediate future, mind 😉


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