China Glaze – Riveting

China Glaze has pulled a complete blinder with the polish collection related to the cinematic release of The Hunger Games. Capitol Colors is made of 12 shades, each one reflecting something within the book series.  To be honest, I have no idea because I have never read them.

Riveting is a intense saturated orange shimmer.  In the bottle its mesmerizing, on the nail is phenomenal.  The formula was a dream, three thin coats with a great consistency.  Within two coats it was fully opaque but I did three because it was drying so incredibly fast.  I cannot stop looking at my nails as the colour is so eye catching.  I also treated myself over the weekend to Seche Vite, the top coat I have heard so very much about.  Not disappointed in the slightest.  Go buy it now, and order Riveting online!

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