New Things I have Spotted #8 – Nails Inc, 2true, GOSH & YSL

It was a nice day today, we popped into the city to mooch about and visit a couple of art things.  For once, we were able to walk about town without the rain we have been having almost non stop since Tuesday.  Hurrah.  More importantly, there are some new nail polishes out.

First up is Nails Inc and their Nail Jewellery, they retail at £11 each.  Really cute and SUPER sparkly, I was tempted.

Next up is 2true, a range I haven’t given much thought to as it is on a turning stand in SuperDrug.  I need to rectify this asap. 8 new shades available, inlcuding a lovely lavender/blue with a hint of a shimmer, Tee Dee over at Cute-tickle Nails has swatches


Then four new GOSH polishes, a cream/vanilla, an orange with a hint of shimmer, an aqua and olive gold.  Lovely, quite tempted with the orange, but I’m holding off on oranges for a while since my Polish Twim has been FAR too nice to me… 😉


And last, but my no means least, a new range of polishes in heavy seemingly HUGE bottles YSL.  Again I was drawn to the orange and that blue, so much like IKB.  There is one next to the top coat that is VERY similar to Dior’s Or Tzarina 916 No idea of price point, but I reckon about £16 or so,  if not £18 like Chanel.



8 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #8 – Nails Inc, 2true, GOSH & YSL

  1. Ooh, good to know about the possible Dior dupe!!

    And the Nails Inc and 2true displays look very tempting!


    • The 2trues ones are a complete BARGAIN! They do an offer where you can get 3 for £4.99…. crazy, which is why I have avoided them but they look good in the swatches hence my re-evaluation


  2. Love the second from left in the 2true display! xx your PPP


  3. Thanks for the mention, appreciate it 🙂


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