Nails Inc – Spitalfields

My love of the polish magnetic is well documented, see here, and here and finally here. So it was only a matter of time before I fell hard for the newest ones out from Nails Inc.  What swung it for me was the new magnet type and the promise of a properly vivid green magnetic nails.

Like other magnetic nails polishes, the magnet comes in the lid.  The lid is fully removable and has a lip so you can balance it over your freshly polished nail to create a pattern.  The formula on Spitalfields, a lovely bold green (not vivid emerald as the promo images would have you believe), is good.  Its thick, which is needed, and goes on with minimal brush strokes.  The colour is lovely prior to magnetizing.

I applied one coat to all my nails, then followed it with one slightly thicker coat before applying the magnet, nail by nail.  The trick here, with this new magnet pattern, is a steady hand.  Because it is creating a criss cross pattern any wobble or repositioning will result in blurring lines.  I know some people have struggled with this one in particular, I did on a couple of my nails.  I wish the magnet was a *little* bit wider, on my thumb the pattern sits squarely in the middle of my nail and I’d prefer full pattern coverage.  I tried doing half and half on my other thumb and it failed….  I notice that this is the only complaint on the Nails Inc page as well.

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I do love it, a lot.  I have yet to try the Barry M version so I cannot compare magnets.  The fishnet pattern comes with the blackened silver, and there are sister polishes in red, blue and purple.  I’m actually going to try this magnet with my ICING Polish from my PPP, probably in silver because I think the glitter definition will make for an interesting pattern.  I’ll keep you posted.

I paid £13 instore at their Debenhams concession and you can buy it online from Nails Inc direct.  If you love magnetic nail polish, you are probably going to need this…

What magnetics do you have?





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