Pretty & Polished – Jawbreaker

If you follow any other polish blogs, and there are a lot out there, you can’t have failed to have noticed the upsurge in Independent (or Indie) Polish makers.  There are some very talented and creative makers out there and demand seems to be increasing exponentially!  Some some open only to have sold out within 10 minutes, couple this with a delay in certain key products (I believe it the base lacquer, but correct me if I am wrong) and limits on purchasing existing stocks have created a hot bed of excitement.

I was lucky enough to be online when Pretty and Polished recently did a large restock of products.  It was crazy, I was already logged into the store, PayPal was primed, I had an *idea* of what I wanted but as soon as I got there stock was disappearing off the store, so I went for the only one I’m my panicked state I could remember the name of – Jawbreaker.

JawBreaker – a sweet from my childhood

And I got it!  Hurrah, I was thrilled beyond words.  The store for Pretty and Polished is currently on Etsy so you need an account linked to a payment vehicle.  Most restocks happen about 6pm EST which is 11pm in the UK, later in Europe. From what I gather, there is a pre-order system in development, so if you are interested, do check it out.  THEY DO SHIP TO THE UK!  Again, brill news for us girls.

Anyway, onto the polish.  I have held off on numerous purchases over a worry about quality but this polish just slays that fear right away.  Its a creamy, slightly tinted pink, white-ish base with tonnes (!) of glitter suspended within it.  Right away I was hooked.  One coat provides a milky coverage of the nail with a glitter smatter.  Two coats amps that right up and three is perfect!  Full coverage, no VNL and a good even spread of the glitter. In the images, you will note hexagonal blue glitters, micro purple/blue glitters, yellow glitter and red square glitter.  I didn’t get any red squares this time out, but I like the fact the every nail although using the same polish looks a little bit different.  Additionally, I didn’t need to hook any glitter pieces out to get them on my nail, they came out on their own.  I would suggest inverting the bottle for a bit before application to get them off the base.  I top coated with a thick layer of Seche Vite but it wasn’t overly bumpy or gritter like some glitter based or containing polishes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wore this for FOUR days without a chip.  I got TONNES of positive comments from co-workers and colleagues. Four days in my world is a heck of a long time without a polish change let me assure you.

If you have yet you take the Indie plunge, do it now, and  you couldn’t go far wrong with this as a first purchase.  What other Indies do you buy, or stalk, from?


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