New Things I have Spotted #9 – New Revlon Colorstay and Essie Stands in Boots

On my way back to work after an external meeting, I called into Boots to pick up some lunch.  It would have been rude not to look to see if there was anything new.  A LO!  There was.

Finally, us UK girls can get our hands on Revlon’s Colorstay range (sorry this is the US site…).  Its a bit pricey £7.99 a bottle but there are some gems in there.  Like Rainforest, see here on Dizzy Nails.  The Colorstay range has a new bottle shape, no sloping sides.  Towards the bottom of the display are more traditional Revlon shaped bottles but in what I can only describe as a ‘younger’ palette.  This is in addition to the giant four bays the rest of the Revlon range has, but this is in the section with more Drugstore-like ranges.  In Boots you see the high end first, then the mid range (like Revlon, Max Factor and Salon brands) and then more Drugstore (Barry M, Models Own, Boots’ own ranges)


Then, to the left of the new Revlon stand is the new stand for Essie.  Now I did think that SuperDrug had the exclusivity on this, and see New Things I have Spotted #3 for that, but looks like I am wrong on that.  Price point is the same however, at £7.99.  Both stands were new for this past weekend (I asked I don’t go in *that* often…….)


Anything catch your eye UK ladies?


4 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #9 – New Revlon Colorstay and Essie Stands in Boots

  1. Crazy that Revlon is so expensive there! It’s about the same here ($7.99), but in dollars. Essie is more expensive ($8.99-10.99 depending on the store) – I haven’t found it at discounted prices in any of the beauty supply places locally.

    Also, just wanted to say that Rainforest is lovely! I hunted around for ages, and never found it here (though we have those new displays too), and finally managed to get it in a swap. I am not a huge Revlon fan, but that one stands out!


    • I’ve just seen Rainforest in a blog sale for $2, so asking her if she can hold it so I can ask a US polish buddy. She ships to the US only, no Canada or UK 😦


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