Tony Moly – Shooting Star (GS09)

I had been stalking eBay for Korean Nail Polish for some time now, in fact, probably for the better part of a year. I had yet to actually buy any and then I saw the new Tony Moly polishes and I had to get them. There are three in the range from what I can tell, Milkyway – a blue polish with darker blue and copper glitters (a dupe for GiTA and Whimiscal), Pinky Star – a pink based polish with red, gold and small silver glitter in, and Shooting Star – a purple polish with blue, green, red, gold and silver glitter in.

Image taken from ~The Cutest Make Up ~ click image to visit the site

Today, I am wearing Shooting Star over Revlon Cloud as a base. Let’s start with Cloud, one of the Revlon Rapid Dry polishes. Does what is says on the tin, a very rapid dry polish. Its a super light lavender creme that goes on surprisingly well. Ordinarily it s a bit pale for me, but I really did like it once I got it on. I did two coats of this.

Then I did two coats of Shooting Star. Like most glitters, you need to plop a bit of a blob on and then work it over the nail. The purple tint to this polish built up better than I was expecting and after two coats clearly matches the colour of the polish in the bottle. What I like about it is the variety of glitter colurs and sizes. Plus, I could have left it with one coat for a glitterhint or done a third coat for a full on glitterbomb.

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From the smell, I’m guessing Tony Moly isn’t 3-free, but if that doesn’t put you off and you adore glitters, then I would suggest that purchasing these is a no brainer. I got mine from ~The Cutest Make Up ~ who I would recommend in a heart beat.


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