Ciate – Jewel

I first came across Ciate when I got a free bottle with a copy of Marie Claire about 18 months ago.  I still haven’t used it, but you can get it for a steal on evilBay.  I’d been looking at their website for ages, waiting for inspiration to strike and then, up pops Jewel.  And I’m sucked in.  Really sucked in.  Then I ordered, POW they were with me in 2 days flat and this includes the weekend.  And then, Adele happened.  This is good, I’m so in favour of a small brand getting the recognition it deserves with a quality product.

Jewel is amazing.  Holographic strips suspended in a pale, sheer purple jelly.  On my first coat I was a bit worried, coat two calmed me down a bit and by coat three, well KA-POW! Hello lovely.  The way it completely covered the nail is amazing and to be truthful a bit unexpected.  But cover it did.  And my how she sparkled for me.  Even a good dose of top coat left her beauty untouched.  I’m rather smitten with this.  The formula is quite thick, so its more akin to spreading a good dollop around the nail for even coverage. But the way it build up, I just cannot explain how it works, but it just does.

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I bought this off the website for £9, its currently out of stock, probably due to all the press coverage over Adele and her nails.  If you like glitter, holographics or anything like that, I suggest you get on that waiting list and get one!

EDIT – It was in stock when I checked late last week 😀


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