InStyle Bluebell & Power Pink

Just a couple of quick swatches for you to see, please ignore my bare (NAKED!) nails…




Both of these are shown with two coats.  Lovely formula, although it might seem thin, complete opacity with two.  One word of caution, don’t shake it or swirl the brush too much or the bubbles get trapped and end up on the nail.

Power Pink is just that, a good blue toned pink.  Its probably the lightest pink I own by choice.  I;m quite tempted to do a gradient with this one and the hot fuchsia pink I got from the Nails Inc Malibu Nail Bar free last year.  If I do I will share it.

Bluebell is a light shade of blue, probably a bit lighter than the bluebells in my garden. As you can see, it appears a shade darker on the nail than in the bottle.  It looks good next to Power Pink, so perhaps would look nice as a flip flop french or accent nail.  It does have a hint of gray to it.

I don’t have the third colour as that looked very pink, but actually in the bottle shots it looks more melon.  I’m not sold,but only have a couple of weeks before the magazine leaves the shelves…. and then its over to eBay.


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