Barry M – Copper

As you have seen from my recent Spotted! posts, Barry M has been spoiling us with a series of new releases.  First we have the magnetic nail polishes in four colours, now we have five new colours – Teal, Silver Lilac, Black Sparkle, Denim and Copper.

I fell for Copper the moment I saw her, with her twinkly looks in the display cabinet, a hint of red and green in a sea of coppery loveliness.  She is a tease this one let me tell you.  So the formula is a bit thick, probably as a result of all those particles that were winking at me, and it needs a very steady and quick hand not to create hideous looking nail drag.  I applied three medium thickness coats, I would have struggled to make them thinner, but it seems to create a lovely colour on the nail so I am not complaining.  Three coats provides the colour as it is seen in the bottle.  It is a fast drier as well, so three coats isn’t going to take too long.  I finished mine with a sturdy coat of Seche Vite, lovely.  I even managed to get a picture in the sun, although within 3 minutes the rain was back.

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I paid £2.99 for this one, although every so often they do offers where if you buy two you get £1 off, so that makes it 2 for £5.  Otherwise you can buy online on the Barry M website.

What Barry M’s are you after from the new releases?


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