Wet N Wild Megalast – I Red A Good Book

So we are nearly at the end of a short run of Wet N Wild Megalast Polishes. So far we have had Haze of Love, Bite the Bullet and I Need a Refresh-Mint

Again this one is part of a swap bundle I did just after Christmas. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that I wanted to wear red on my nails, I struggled. The dark nights, dark morning and cold weather put me off. But bring on British Summer Time (at least in relation to the clocks going forward, the weather is still atrocious!)

Anyway, I Red A Good Book is a super saturated cheery cherry red. The kind of red you expect with Special K. An amazing red. A red with a formula that was almost opaque in ONE COAT. I know, I love it. The Megalast brush to just a JOY to work with. Wet N Wild need to get their act together and crack into the UK market, polish of this quality needs to be shared.

The formula is smooth and thick enough to cover the nail in one sweep of the brush and the brush marks just melt away. I was tempted just to leave it with one coat, but the voice inside my head told me to do two. So I did, but I have a picture of just one coat for you to see. Under the lights there is a wee bit of VNL but just a hint. Drying time was quick too. And I’ve just worn it for THREE DAYS WITH NO TIP WEAR!!

Don’t ever leave me Megalast… I might just cry!

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3 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Megalast – I Red A Good Book

  1. Don’t worry, there are more coming to you!!! 😉


    • Aaaaggg Katie, you star, now I am SUPER impatient for it all to arrive! 😀


      • I know, so am I!!! 🙂 Unfortunately, I know it is going to be a long time. Still don’t have that transporter… But I hope it will be worth the wait – that box was packed FULL of goodies! No room to fit any extra padding!!


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