Milani – Silver Dazzle

Today for your viewing pleasure I have Milani Silver Dazzle, one of the One Coat Glitter range. I know I’ve waxed lyrical about Milani in previous posts, but WARNING, I’m about to do it again.  I LOVE THIS POLISH!  Why Milani are not trying to crack the UK market is beyond me, there is such a need for quality like this.  Obviously I am just very greedy and want all US brands (yes that includes you Wet N Wild) to start hitting our shores.

I was exceptionally skeptical about the one coat glitter claim.  WRONG.  It does what is says on the label.  One coat.  Of glitter.  Yes, one coat of super shiny, blackened silvery goodness.  Its a great colour, the particles are all of a similar size and coverage is actually brilliant in one coat.  It can be a little bit gloopy on the brush so on one nail I tried a very thin layer which still gave a nice even coverage but you could still see a peaking on my nail underneath.

Despite the fact it does cover in one coat, I went ahead and did a second.  This baby wore like IRON for several days.  It didn’t chip when I used my nails as a tool, nor when I was puling weeds out of the garden with wild abandon.  It stayed put when I had to rummage through a big box of Lego to find that one part my son had put into the box that we really need to finish building our mini batmobile.

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As you can see above, I grabbed my bottle of Glitz Gal from Sally Hansen just before I removed it form my nails as its the closest thing I have in my stash.  The base colour is very similar but Glitz Gal has some holographic pieces in there that ramp up the bling.  I still need both. Removal was a bit of a pain but completely worth it, just make sure you soak your nails well or use the glitter removal method (see Berry Polished here for a tutorial)

You may also note in the images that for the first time in ages, my Seche Vite top coat gave me some shrinkage on my tips. I’m not so happy about that as at first I thought it was tip wear until the light bulb came on.  Next time, I’ll rock another top coat and let you know how it goes.

What other One Coat Glitters do you guys have?


2 thoughts on “Milani – Silver Dazzle

  1. Oh wow that’s some amazing coverage with one coat! And thank you so much for linking to my foil method post!!! So cool to have an international link back 🙂


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