New Things I have Spotted (Holiday Edition, part 2) #17 – Bourjois and NYC Nail Polishes

Bourjois is pulling out the SUmmer 2012 stops let me tell you.  A whole raft of new 1 Seconde Nail polishes, see below, including one that is very purple and very sparkly called Rainbow Apparition.  From what I have googled, it looks like a good polish for a top coat.


I also so this (below), Bourjois 1 Seconde Gloss in Grendine Tonic.  A very sheer red tinted top coat.  I put it over my coral nails and it became a bit pinker.  Anyway, I couldn’t get a picture, so this one is from

And a new display of NYC Polishes, I think these are nearly all the core line apart from the lilac and mint green ones which were part of a previous Spring display.


I have yet to see the new Barry M Chameleon Polishes which you can see on Polly Polish and I understand that there is also a Retro 80s line of polishes too.  Images is from their Facebook page.  The peach one is a Boots only exclusive.  The Facebook page is great for fast updates as their name website isn’t updated very often at all.

So, anything catch your eye??


One thought on “New Things I have Spotted (Holiday Edition, part 2) #17 – Bourjois and NYC Nail Polishes

  1. The new Barry Ms look interesting!


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