PUPA – Holographic Nail Polish 038

This little Italian beauty is something I picked up off eBay for a very reasonable price. I bought it off Profumeria_Shop, its worth contacting them if you want to buy more than 1 or 2 as they did me a great deal on postage. The rest are for someone special 😉 PUPA are an Italian cosmetics company, they do all sorts of lovely make up in a variety of cute and quirky packaging. They can be hard to find in the UK, they were once stocked in Boots, but I’ve not seen them in a while, although I saw some older lines in Harvey Nichols.

This is one of their new line of Holographic Polishes, they also released a chrome/metallic line at the same time. Now first things first, this is a 5ml bottle, so its a lot smaller than you might think from some of the promo images. Just worth a heads up incase you don’t notice. That is probably why I got such a good shipping deal.

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038 is a lovely strawberry pink, with a noticeable holo effect on the nail and in the bottle. In terms of formula, it was quite thick and care needs to be taken on application. I did two coats in these images. As with all holographic formulas, drag can occur if you go over any one area twice. Plus leaving a good amount of drying time between coats is a wise move. You can really see the holo effect with the flash on. Top coat does dull the effect slightly, however it does prolong the wear. I got a good 2 days out of this manicure before I got a large chip.

If a good formula is very important to you, you might want to skip these, but if you are after a nice colour with a good holo effect AND you can be patient on application, then these PUPA gems might be a good investment. I’m considering buying some of the Chrome range as well. They are limited edition so if you fancy them, best to move quickly!

On the PUPA website there are some lovely swatches from a local blogger, well worth checking out. Anything catch your eye?


2 thoughts on “PUPA – Holographic Nail Polish 038

  1. Oooh, very pretty!! Well done in finding these … wonder who the lucky recipient will be 😉


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