Essence – Fruity Nail Polish, One Kiwi a Day & Mashed Berries

Here are some more polishes from my recent package from the Netherlands.  Again, we have some Essence Polishes, a range not available in the UK.  These two come from the recent Ltd Ed Fruity Range.  Essence are really good a having small runs of ltd ed products, about 10 or so a year.  I am most looking forward to the forthcoming Snow White Edition!

These two are One Kiwi a Day and Mashed Berries.  Both of these have micro glitter in them, for the Kiwi one the micro glitter is green and for the Mashed Berries the micro glitter is pink.  The bottles for these are lovely, sleek and different from the Colour and Go Bottles.  The formula on both of these is OK, not the best in the world, but not the worst.  Especially considering the inclusion of glitter.

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What you see above it three coats of each, as I was just about to go on holiday, I thought why not mix it up a bit.  So for the first time, you get to see both my left and right hands.  I decided to do each hand a different lead nail colour and do alternate ring fingers.  You will get what I mean from the images.

I based coated with Essie Billionails and top coated with a thick coat of Seche Vite.  I think Billionails is being discontinued.  In a recent Spotted! we saw the new Essie stands.  Their nail products are very different to this one and I was able to scoop this one up for £3 in a small sale rack in Boots.  Although online, Boots are looking for £13.  Dry time on these was good and with the Seche top coat, wear was rather good.  In excess of 4 days before a chip.

What do you think?  Own any Essence products or know of any good places to get them?


2 thoughts on “Essence – Fruity Nail Polish, One Kiwi a Day & Mashed Berries

  1. Goodness me that Snow White set looks lovely!

    I love disney themed polish but sadly it never seems to be available in the UK!


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