New Things I Have Spotted #23 – New W7 Sprinkles and TK Maxx finds

Out and about this past weekend I spotted a few things of note. Firstly new W7 glitter/sprinkle polishes, there seems to be three in the collection from what I gather online. There is a fourth in my image that is silver and sparkly.


Then, more nail polish sets in TK Maxx from Nails Inc and Color Club. The Color Club ones seem to be made up of mixes of colors in the same boxes, so I saw two sets with the same packaging that were distinctively different. Great price point however. Lots of Crackle Sets from Nails Inc but still a bit pricey for my liking.






8 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #23 – New W7 Sprinkles and TK Maxx finds

  1. I love those sprinkles! 🙂


  2. Those top one’s look very similar to the Nails Inc. Sprinkles collection that I have been coveting. Why oh why doesn’t Nails Inc. ship to Germany?!?!


  3. Cosmo has ‘Missguided’ polish free with it, 3 colours. I may have bought all three. /cough


    • Ah yes, I Spotted! that yesterday. Will be posting a pic laters. Are they nice? I couldn’t really tell with the box and the packaging


      • I’ve got them on now. The pink is hot, the orange is vibrant and the yellow is shimmery (this annoyed me, as the other two are crème)


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