Barielle – Buddha-ful

Now here is something you don’t see everyday on PN&BS, a pink.  And a light pink at that.  I’m not known for wearing soft feminine colours, not because I’m not feminine I hasten to add, but just because I’m obsessed with glitter and dark n’ vampy.

This bottle of Barielle made its way to me care of the lovely and generous Adina of Blue Collar, Red Lipstick.  Buddha-ful is a very soft, light pink made unique by the inclusion of flakies.  The iridescent shimmer that these babies give off in the bottle is hypnotic.

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I was lucky to have dry weather so I took some pics outside for you to see the goodness.  I think the flakies keep it from being ‘just another nude’ polish and although I might not have picked it myself, Adina chose it very well and its fantastic to be surprised by polish when you have as many as we both do.

In terms of formula, it is very sheer and a bit runny.  Careful application needed here.  What you see in the images are four thin coats, dry time wasn’t too bad, but I would recommend a fast drying topcoat.  Even with four coats there is a hint of a VNL but the flakies more than make up for that.  Wear was also excellent, I had it on for three days because I was out and about a lot.  There is something about Barielle that is so very enticing, they have an excellent range of colours, and I’m lucky to say I have some more coming, so watch this space! (or use Bloglovin or something so you never miss a post!)

A quick reminder that you can currently pick up Barielle sets in TK Maxx in the UK for a penny shy of £10.  In the US you can order online and from other resellers such as Beauty Bay and Amazon.


3 thoughts on “Barielle – Buddha-ful

  1. I just got this in a swap as well! It looks really sheer in your photos but very pretty, especially in the bottle. Maybe I’ll try it with some light pink underwear. 🙂


    • Yeah, some pink underwear might be a good idea. I needed very discreet nails so it worked well for that. I thought it might be nice over something a bit pinker too, like a rose colour. Let me know how you wear yours as she is a super pretty polish


  2. Hi! I liked your blog, it’s so cute! The real beauty-blog ^^ And you are so pretty =**
    Follow me on Bloglovin: Kisses From Europe


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