Essie – Sexy Divide

There are no words to describe how much I adore the polish I am about to show you today.  This is because of two reasons. 1. At Christmas, it was the polish I wore after my manicure treat (and I knew I should have bought it then) and 2. It was given to me as part of my Bunny exchange (previously discussed)

I don’t own many Essie polishes, I have Dive Bar (as we have seen), I have one of their Lux Effects and I have a small mini duo that the lovely Adina sent me.  This is something I need to correct quickly and bearing in mind we now have high street access to them in the UK, I’ve now got my eye on the Mirror Metallics.

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As you can see, Sexy Divide is a deep rich, velveteen purple.  It is positively glowing on the nail.  I wish we had more sun so that I could show you her showing off.  Anyway, formula was good.  Quick drying time.  I waited a fair bit between the three thin coats I put on.  Mainly because on coat two I created some unattractive nail drag near the cuticle.  But you can’t see that in the pics.  If I had been a bit more careful, two would have been sufficient.  Base coat was Seche Retain and I’m still rocking a Hong Kong Girl Top Coat – I don’t see us ever falling out.

So, which Mirror Metallics or other Essie polishes should I snap up?


6 thoughts on “Essie – Sexy Divide

  1. I’ve recently started reading, and really enjoy the blog (and its Britishness!). Where did you get the Hong Kong Girl topcoat? Having read some rave reviews I’d like to give it a try.


    • Hi
      Mine as part of my Bunny Swap, but if you read the bottom of this post
      that will let you know where I came from. I don’t know if G&G ship internationally, but there is probably an eTailer in Europe or even the UK who might have it. If you find one, please let me know as I am haf way through mine now….

      Thanks for you comment, sorry its a lot of US polishes at the moment however, hoping that will change once I get through my untrieds 😀


  2. Where can you buy essie on uk high street please?


    • Hi Sue
      Some larger Superdrug and Boots stores have them. You should be to order online. If that fails there is always eBay.
      Thanks so much for your comment 😀


  3. LOVE this one!!! I have been debating whether or not to get it myself, but clearly I need it… 🙂 (After all, it is PURPLE!!) Looks great on you!! I have been slowly starting to build my Essie collection too.


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