Chanel – Sky Line

I have a lovely LOVELY polish to share with you today.  This is Sky Line, a limited edition Summer 2012 release from Chanel that forms part of the Illusion Bleu collection.  The collection comprises of 2 blue eye shadows, an eyeliner in blue and Sky Line.  I do not know how limited but it was only available in one store near me and I can’t find it anywhere online at the moment (although I am well aware that might change)

Sky Line is a sky blue, pearlescent polish.  Its very light and playful.  It stay on the right side of frost (and I’m sure you will be pleased as I was about that).  You can see white ripples running through the bottle as you turn it in your hands.

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Formula was lovely, the polish just glided onto the nail with no major issues of any kind.  It was opaque within two coats, although I did three just to ensure an even coat on all my nails.  Drying time is excellent, really good and it dries to a good finish.  I based coated with Seche Retain and top coated with Hong Kong Girl for a bit of extra shine and a dollop of good wear.  I love how the light just catches it, every time I glance at my fingers, it has a slightly different hue to its colour.

Chanel is readily available at Boots and high end department stores.  I hear the Sky Line is exclusive to Selfridges in the UK and them only certain stores in its chain.  I bought mine in the Exchange Square store for £18.


3 thoughts on “Chanel – Sky Line

  1. That is nice…quite glowy looking.


  2. Wow!! Not at all something I would tend to go for but it looks lovely on you. 🙂


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