Wet N Wild Megalast – Club Havana

I think my love of Megalasts needs no introduction, but in case you are new here, I LOVE THEM.  You can see them all by clicking here…. I love the range, colours, formula, the shape of the bottle, brush, everything about them.

I’ve been very lucky in being able to get another on to add to the small collection I am cultivating.  This one is called Club Havana, a rich tangerine orange.  In the pics it is leaning quite coral.  Like all the other ones I have, this has a tapered brush, meaning you can get up close and personal with your cuticles and NOT get polish on them.

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Now the formula on this one is lovely, my brush was a bit raggedy, but that it OK I can work with that.  It glided onto the nail.  The first coat was a bit streaky, but careful application for coats two and three left me with a great even coverage.  I used Seche Retain for my base and then Hong Kong Girl on the top.  Look no shrinkage!  Hurrah, I’m loving Hong Kong Girl.  The wear on this mani was great, nearly three days before I was itching to change it.  Megalast by name, Megalast by nature.

I’m going to the US in October and I’ll hopefully be able to fill the Megalast gaps in my collection, they are SUCH a great price and SUCH a great formula, its a real shame that Wet N Wild do not sell in the UK market.



2 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Megalast – Club Havana

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  2. Yay for Megalast! I got the Hong Kong Girl topcoat in my bunny box from Sheila, but I still haven’t used it yet (so many others to use up first!). Is it as good as it has been hyped up to be?


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