Nicole by OPI – I’m in a Pool for Love

I recently had a lovely swap with the fabulous ZedleyQ, she’s been on a little break but is now back and blogging it! She filled up my swap box with all sorts of wonderful goodies including some Cake Beauty Hand Scrub, see below, and a whole raft of wonderful polishes.

Click the image to visit the Cake Beauty website

Anyway, in my lovely swap box, was this fabulous colour I am about to show you now, by Nicole by OPI. I’ve never seen this one before, and boy, is it a beauty! As I mentioned to some polish friends, I wondered how close this was in colour to the Sally Hansen Loves Me Not limited edition that was recently out. I have both, so a short comparison will follow.

This is a fantastic deep blue polish with hints of copper, red and purple in a duochrome shimmer. Its a complete stunner! Formula was good, what you see here is three thin coats. First coat looked exceptionally patchy, second coat gave the depth seen in the bottle and the third coat really brings out the shimmer. The only downside is that the effect in the bottle is not as apparent as on the nail, but it a small downside let me assure you.

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I used Seche Retain AND CND Stickey as a dual base (I’d heard the Sally Hansen stains like a….) and then my Hong Kong Girl top coat. Wear was great, 4 days later only one small chip. Love this colour. From what I can tell this was one of the 2011 releases and is not available through the UK Nicole reseller Lena White.

What do you think?  Below are some comparison posts, you can click on them to make them bigger, should these just be in the slideshow or should I have them laid out individually?


L to R; I’m in a Pool for Love, Sally Hansen Loves Me Not, Hard Candy Beetle, MAC Formidable!



Comparison with Models Own Purple Blue


One thought on “Nicole by OPI – I’m in a Pool for Love

  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! I have to get back into blogging… Or really, started I suppose… :-/ So glad you like this one!! It is so pretty!!


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