Chanel – Diwali

I have a little treasure for you today, in the form of a limited edition Chanel polish from their Bombay Express De Chanel release.  I wasn’t going to get it as I thought I’m not into gold at all, but then I saw it.  Its a lovely pale, cool, silver toned gold.  The kind of non yellow gold that looks good on us paler ladies.

So, here come the pictures!

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As with nearly all Chanels, the formula on this polish is lovely.  What you see above is three coats of an average thickness.  It dries well and the brush strokes are not very noticeable.  I’m glad I picked this up as I have no golds at all in my stash really, plus I would imagine its a great base for a black glitter!

What do you think?  Lovely, isn’t she?


One thought on “Chanel – Diwali

  1. Another one I would never think to get but you make it look so good!! How do you do that? lol


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