Wet N Wild Megalast – Heatwave

Yet more Megalasts!  You lucky lucky people.  This is by far the best range from Wet N Wild and worth every cent in my humble opinion. (closely followed by the recently issued Fergie Collection of which I have a few that you will see shortly) but bear with me as we only have ONE more after this one… just one!

This Megalast is a hot, juicy, orange with a red underbelly that is so very perfect for summer regardless of how good your weather is!  Its a fab colour, super saturated and intense.  Definitely in the BRIGHTS category

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The formula on this one is good, not the best in the range by any means, so a bit of care is needed.  My brush was slightly wobbly (and I’ve seen worse ones on other blogs) so that took a bit of getting used to.  What you see above is three, relatively thin coats, really to provide a more even coat of colour.  It levelled well and dries at an average speed.  Wary of nail staining I double case coated with Seche Retain and CND Stickey.  I used Hong Kong Girl Top Coat (soon going to need some more….)

As we know, Wet N Wild Megalasts are only available in the US, unless you have a US Polish Pal ship them to you.  I cannot tell you how much I want WnW in the UK market… oh I have already??  Sorry, getting repetitive in my old age… 😉


One thought on “Wet N Wild Megalast – Heatwave

  1. I love this one!! It made a really good pedi colour. 🙂


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