Barry M – Super Nova (NP347)

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Wow. Lookey here at what I found today at the Barry M stand!! New magnetic polishes in a range of lovely colours! I know lots of people are now firmly over magnetics but the science geek in me claps her hands loudly whenever I use them on my nails.

There are five in the new range, Super Nova (silver/black), Moon Dust (brown/silver), Neptune Sea (blue/green) and Venus Sunset (purple/gold). There is a lot of sparkly packed into these bottles let me tell you!

The first coat of this polish looks like a plain, silver polish with a bit of sparkle. Then hold the striped magnetic over and POW. Lines. Really clear black lines with copper and sparkle accent. I could not believe the effect. Seriously amazeballs. You can see in the images above one nail before effect.

I used a new-to-me Essie All in One Base coat and my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat to keep it intact. Its best to wait until the polish is set a bit before banging on your top coat. It does smudge slightly otherwise. Formula on this Barry M is fabulous! Good coverage, I did one coat and then a thick second before holding the magnet over the nail. Do them one at the time and you will be fine.

The other thing I love it that the magnet is quite wide and with the being a simple pattern, you can gently rock the magnet to get full nail coverage with minimal silver edging at the sides. Bonus, I hate a small magnet that leaves a little strip of effect up the centre of the nail.

I got my Barry M’s in SuperDrug, where you can currently get 2 for £8, otherwise they are £4.99 each. You can also buy them online at this page on the Barry M website.


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8 thoughts on “Barry M – Super Nova (NP347)

  1. I love the clean simple stripes! I’ve never tried magnetic polish, but this one looks great. And I agree, I love that it’s more nail science than nail art (though of course it is both!).


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  4. Whoa… I’ve yet to try magnetic polish yet but this one is so sparkly!!! Looks great!! 😀


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