4 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #29 – No7 Colour Changing Polish & Bourjois

  1. I would love to try just about anything from Bourjois! I have heard that their nail enamel as well as their shadows, blushes and some of their foundations are fantastic.


    • The nail polish remover is amazing. Love it. It’s worth waiting for the deals to come in, like we have a 2 for £8 deal at the moment.

      I have a few of the polishes, just not any recent ones. Do you not get them your way?


      • I’ve never come across Bourjois in stores here. I have heard their remover is great. Any other products you’d recommend from them?


      • I’m going to dig out some of the Polish for a Vintage Vault for you. There are some lovely colours. The lipsticks and eye shadows are fab too.


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