Color Club Magnetic – Cop An Attitude

Now here is something we haven’t had for a while on PN&BS – a magnetic nail polish! ( I know we had one last week 😉 )

This one was part of a swap and is made by Color Club. I’ve recently noticed Color Club cropping up in TK Maxx and Sally Beauty so it would seem its getting more available to us UK girls (and boys).

Like with most magnetic polish, this one is quite thick, however I find these tend to be better than those with thinner formulas. The colour is lovely too, a burnished orange, and once magnetised the colour changes subtly. I used my magnet from my Nails Inc Spitalfields as I wanted to see what the fishnet pattern would look like. I think it makes it look lovely.

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I always do one thick coat on all my nails and then do the second coat one by one. I find its best to work quickly, paint your nail and get the magnet over it quickly. The longer you hold the magnet over, the better the impression. I did note that after a few hours the pattern was not as distinct as when it was first done.

Next time I am going to try the star magnet on this colour, I really like it and the wear (after a coat of my still beloved Hong Kong Girl) was really good. I don’t think I will ever get tired of magnetic polish as it appeals to my inner geek!

As I mentioned, you can buy the Magnetic Force Collection from Sally Beauty in the UK by visiting this page for £7.99 each. I’m sure there are other eTailers out there too.


4 thoughts on “Color Club Magnetic – Cop An Attitude

  1. That’s a really nice colour, I haven’t seen a magnetic of that shade yet. Bit of a shame that the pattern fades slightly but I guess we change our nails often enough that it’d be ok!


    • I’ve also found that if you top coat before it is bone dry, the pattern fades in intensity or can smudge. Plus I hold the magnet on for a lot longer than 30 seconds.

      As you say, probably just as well I change polish nearly every day!


  2. Have you tried the Sally Hansen magnetic polishes yet? I’ve been eyeing them up every time I see them but they are so much more expensive than most SH that I just can’t seem to justify it…


    • We don’t have them here yet, but the magnet looks good & wide. I’ve heard good things on other blogs so if you see a colour you like, I’d say go for it


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