Zoya – Zusa

Today’s little beauty was part of a package sent to me from my wonderful Polish Picking Princess.  Its been on my wishlist since the Zoya Beach & Surf Summer Collections first came out, along with Kimber, and its been high on peoples favourite colour from the collection.

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Zusa is the most amazing colour, images really do not do it any kind of justice.  It is a wonderful aqua green/blue with a shimmer running through it.  It is such a summer colour pop and looks great on toes or fingers.  The formula was awesome, self levelling, great drying and two coats later perfect.

Its from the same colour range as lots of summer Turquoises that were issued this summer but I think the shimmer in this elevates it to something special.

I used Seche Retain as my base coat and top coated with Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.  And a quick word of warning, you might want to double base coat, as this polish stains significantly.

Zoya can be bought directly in the US, but here in the UK you best bet is either Nail Care Club or Amazon.co.uk.

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2 thoughts on “Zoya – Zusa

  1. Love this! I have a mini of this and I’ve not yet used it. I think I need to get to it though.


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