American Apparel – Office

I’ve never once graced an American Apparel.  We have one locally, but I must admit, nothing has ever enticed me into a store.  I wasn’t aware they did polish until I received one in a swap and they have a huge range online, including sheers, glitters and neons.  It comes in a very tall and thing rectangular bottle with your average non curved brush.

Office is a minty green colour that we have seen a lot of in the nail world this year.  Its more green than blue, and its a surprisingly wearable colour.  Its not so in your face that it would look out of place in an office.  What you see in the images below is three thin coats.

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I did thin coats and pale, pastel colours can have a tendency to drag.  This wasn’t too bad, formula was a tad on the runny side and so I needed to be careful not to overload the brush.  But opacity built up really well and I’m pleased with the final colour.  I used Seche Retain as my base coat and topped it off with a generous coating of Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.

This would be an excellent base for a glitter top coat or for any Nail Stamping you might want to do.

What other American Apparel shades should I seek out?  I’d love to know what your favourites are so please leave me a comment below.


4 thoughts on “American Apparel – Office

  1. Good swatches! It’s a pain to get pastels to work with you sometimes, but looks like you did well. Do you know how much a bottle costs? And how was the wear time on this lovely?


    • Thanks for the comment. I was really pleased with this. I wore it for just over two days before I changed it, with minor tip wear.

      In the UK they retail for £9 or in the US $6. You can purchase online or instore. I was sent mine by a dear friend.


    • I know, I walk past the one in town all the damn time, avoiding it. Not quite been in yet, but I am much more likely too now. Bit annoying about the UK/US price difference however…


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