Sinful Colors – Let’s Talk

Today I have yet another Sinful Colors polish to show you, if you need to catch up, you can click here to see all previous SC posts.

Let’s Talk is a rich, shimmery purple polish. It is very intense in colour and this does translate onto the nail (sometimes not the case as we well know…).  Anyway, what can I say, for 99c in the US (I know this beacuse my polish buddy picked it up in the recent sale), it is a bargain.  Formula was good, as seems to be the case for newer issue SC polishes.  What you see below is two average coats over Seche Retain with a Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.  Its not a runny formula at all, in fact it was bordering on gloopy, but it applied well, dried quickly and was an excellent self leveller.

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Its a lovely colour, not unique admittedly, but one that is certainly eye catching.  It did bug my camera out a bit, but what you see is only a touch brighter than in real life.

I’m off to Florida in just over a month, so I would love to hear what are good US polishes to buy are and what your favourite colours are.  So, hit me with your comments!!

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