Chanel – Infidele

OK, I know, another Chanel polish so quickly after Vertigo and June.  BUT in my defense, this is super new and limited edition, and I was able to snap these up on the day of release from my local Selfridges. What am I going to show you is Infidele, one of a new trio released for Fashion’s Night Out 2012 with matching lip sticks.

Infidele is a dusky pink, almost a dark rose colour.  I wasn’t expecting to like it, as we know I’m not your typical pink girl.  But I think it is a good colour for me and my skin tone.  Plus I have few shades this pink side of red.

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In terms of formula, this was perfect.  Smooth flowing, creamy and a complete dream to work with.  It dries quickly and is an excellent self leveller.  I really cannot give this enough praise and I pray that the other two are just as glorious to work with.  Love it.

What you see about it Essie All-in-One base coat and Seche Vite top coat.  Wear has been nothing short of excellent, and the creme shine has just lasted and lasted and lasted.

Fashion’s Night Out Chanel polishes are being issues though a limited number of resellers in the UK, as mentioned above, I picked mine up from Selfridges.  In the US, you lucky ladies, can actually buy Les Twin-Sets De Chanel directly of the website.

So, what do you think?  Like, love, not fussed??

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7 thoughts on “Chanel – Infidele

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  4. I do like this shade of pink it is similar to china glaze one I think , but cant remember the name beautiful!


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