Catrice – Khaki Perry

A bit of an odd duck.  That is what this polish is.  An odd duck.  I have stolen this phrase from my wonderful Polish Twin, Adina, who oversees the fabulous stule/life/writing blog Blue Collar, Red Lipstick.  I can think of no better explanation.

This is a Catrice polish, from Europe, and its an odd odd colour.  Its not quite green, its not quite khaki and its not quite gold.  To be honest, I think I love the name of this (and I do love how catrice name their polishes) but not so sold on the colour.

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That said, the formula on this one was pretty good, I was a bit concerned because it does lean a bit to a frost, but worry not.  Three thin coats make sure no brush strokes are evident.  Drying time is excellent and I do like these wider Catrice brushes. They are quite similar in nature to the Dior wide flat brush and if you can’t get all your paint on in one stroke, you will with two.  Whilst Khaki might not be the best description, its akin in colour to a lightly colour moss, a kind of pale metalised silver green.

Catrice is only available in Mainland Europe and Ireland, nor can you buy then online.  Still puzzled as to why this is the case, because they have a super range and fantastic pricing.  I hope that one day soon we will


3 thoughts on “Catrice – Khaki Perry

  1. I can send you more Catrice if you like. Just message me.


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