Revlon Moon Candy – Satellite

Another Moon Candy post for you today.  This one is Satellite, a lovely deep red creme polish with a pinky/golden flakie top coat.  Goodness these Revlons have just captured my heart!!  We have already seen Orbit  and Milky Way

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Now, I experienced significant shrinkage with my Seche top coat.  It is a bit gloopy and so I may need to invest in some Seche Restore (do let me know in the comments if you have used Restore before) because I will not leave half a bottle of perfectly useable topcoat.  I think the fact it is that gloopy has made tip wear worse than usual as I often only see a little bit of it, if any at all.

But all that aside.  Wow, this is a lovely deep maroon red creme.  A one coater.  One coat.  Yes, one.  Just one.  Amazing.  Why this formula isn’t part of the main Revlon line, who knows.  Great drying time and fab colour.  Then the top coat really brings home the bling.  Love it.  Really happy with this look, no sharp little bits which a thick (and in my case gloopy) coat of Seche.

US only Ltd Edition. But they are starting to appear in swap groups and blog sales if you keep your eyes out.

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2 thoughts on “Revlon Moon Candy – Satellite

  1. I have used restore on my last 3 bottles of seche but it is a learning curve as to how many drops are needed. I was uncertain first time and over did it. I just used it on a 6 week old bottle, had realised how it had thickened until I used it


    • I’ve just done both of my bottles, I hate that the brush doesn’t quite reach the bottom, so I always end up decanting the end out into a second bottle. It worked quite well, although my nails are showing shrinkage more than they usually do, so I’m not sure if I was a bit heavy handed with it…. :-s

      Thanks for you comment though, makes me feel better about it now


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