New Things I have Spotted #35 – New Rimmel & Superdrug Hello Kitty

Items from the fall ranges are now started to creep into the shops. I’ve heard of a few other new lines that I have yet to see, so if you see anything new, please either blog about it yourself and send me a link, drop me an email, or comment below.  I love to hear what is coming up your way.

Anyway, todays spot included these new polishes (and a few additional lipsticks) from Rimmel, they are calling them Colour Flip Metal Rush (a bit like Eye Candy London) but they are cute.  No sign of the forthcoming Precious Stones polish, but I will be keeping an eye out.20121006-175955.jpg

OK, avert your eye if you don’t like cute things.  Here is my first sighting of the new Hello Kitty Range in Superdrug.  Just look at those bottles!!  £4.99 each.





5 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #35 – New Rimmel & Superdrug Hello Kitty

  1. Why can’t we get awesome collections like this in Germany? So not fair! At least I get to check them out thanks to you though. Danke!


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