New Things I have Spotted #36 – Maybelline and Accesorize

New Maybelline polishes spotted earlier this week in my local Superdrug.  All in metallic shades, I’ve not tried any Maybelline, any thoughts on them?20121008-190147.jpg

And then excitingly I spotted new sprinkle polishes from Accessorize, lots of different colourways, but some of these will be dupes for the Nails Inc Sprinkles and the W7 Sprinkles (some of which are dupes of each other as well…..)  Not a bad price point £3.45 each



And then, colour  me HOLO!  New 17 Holo nail polish.  Polly Polish has some comparisons with GOSH Holo worth checking out here.



7 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #36 – Maybelline and Accesorize

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to check out those Accessorize polishes!


  2. Those Accessorize polishes, especially the green & white with pink, look awesome! By the way I checked into it and the Essence Twilight products will be out in November, so I’ll be hunting them down for you then.


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