Dollish Polish – Greased Lightening

Sharp eyed followers will note that I’m in a bit of a white polish and glitter “thing” – week before last I had another Dollish Polish for you in the form of Expecto Patronum.  This is one I picked up as the Bonus Shade in a summer restock I was amazed to be able to grab it as restocks on DP go so very quickly! (with good reason)

Todays polish is Greased Lightening.  Like its polish sister, this one is surprisingly easy to work with. Its a white (slightly pnky in some lights) based polish with glitters in pink, red and white.  Its really unusual and unlike anything else I have stash wise.

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Above is three medium thickness coats, not because of any formula issues, but just because I wasn’t concentrating as much as I usually do.  Base coat was my current fave, Essie all-in-one base coat and top coat was Seche Vite.  Application was easy, glitter dispersal was OK too.  Slightly thicker coats also stop you pulling all the glitters to the top of the nail.  Drying time was average and it dried just a hint bumpy.  Seche sorted that out.

If you are wanting to get your hands on some Dollish Polish lovelies, check the Big Cartel Website and make sure you follow her Facebook page for updates and new collections news!  Do you have any recommendations from Dollish Polish?  If so, let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear them


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