Chanel -Provocation

For Fashion’s Night Out Chanel issued three beautiful polishes with three matching lipsticks.  I’ve already shown you Infidele, which you can see here, and coming shortly (hopefully as my first batch of pictures were horrible) will be Delicatesse.


Provocation is the darkest shade of the three issues as Les Twin Sets de Chanel.  Its a rich, dark purple that is a pure creme polish.  It really is an amazing colour.  Its dark, rich and tempting.  OK, its not the most original of shades, but in terms of formula Chanel once again knock it out of the park.

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The formula is simply perfect, like its sister Infidele, and what you see in the images above is three thin coats.  The dark polish does tend to streak if you go over it either as part of the first coat or before the polish it beyond tacky dry.  The few extra minutes are well worth the pay off.  Drying time is average and it dries to a good finish.

As per most of my recent nail manicures, this is based with Essie all-in-one base and topped with super shiny Seche Vite, which actually seemed to intensify the colour of the creme.

Sadly, unless you luck out in a store, I think its sold out in the UK.  Its not longer available on



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